Thursday, August 1, 2013

the nethergod

he can be whoreshiped whith white candles or a spiritual pipe whith a pieace of silver on it whoreship whith tobacco or mushrooms
hes a phobos king whitch is the mars moon phobos
that is revered by followers of the nether god
the kingdom is like in the hellraiser movies
desighn wise the nether god is fat but
not really whith white skin
devilhorns on his
fourhead &
a permanently
hard big

& as far as the societys on earth go
the diffrence between compliant
and complacent is complacent
means you dont know better and
hold on to your comfort complacently
compliant means that you do know better
& dont care or work against the complacent
in a rage
were a humanitaryin religon

& a fan of ''a big breasted teacher'' i had in high school
who was a christian
which got me interested in religon years ago